Services We Offer

Why try us for your pharmacy needs?

You may say that I have a chain drugstore just down the street from me, why should I come to your place instead?  You are right, you do not have to come to us, but, we do have benefits that the other places cannot offer.  From the time you walk into our pharmacy until the time you leave we want your experience to feel as comfortable as being at home.  There is no need to spend time in a line to drop off your prescription, only then to be told please come back in an hour or more and stand in line one more time to pick up your prescription.  We provide quick friendly service to all of our customers.  Give us a try and we think you will find our service and dedication to your health is among the best.  Here are some of the services and benefits we can offer to you.

Medication Counseling

We provide counseling on every prescription including over-the-counter medication so you know what to expect when you take your medication.  We also provide demonstrations on the proper way to administer certain medications including asthma inhalers.  Taking your medication properly can be the key to your medication's effectiveness.

CBP Online

Our website allows you to refill your prescriptions online.  You may also transfer your current prescriptions you have, with another pharmacy, to us online.  In today's fast-paced lifestyle it is important to be able to get your prescriptions filled quickly and accurately.  Online is just one way we can offer that service.

Prescription Interactions

We check each prescription to insure there are no harmful interactions between your medications.  If any interactions are present we will be sure to inform you of the interaction and what can be done to minimize its severity.


We accept most insurances and our prices are very competitive.  In many cases our prices are lower than those other pharmacies.  Don't be fooled by the $4 prescriptions other pharmacies offer.  If you have insurance, such as Medicare, etc, you will pay the same price at our store as you would wt the other places.


Your health is important to you and us.  We can check your blood pressure and blood sugar levels in our store and we keep a record of your results for you.

Emergency Service

We can provide 24/7 emergency service if needed.  We understand emergencies occur and we will help get the medications necessary you need.  

Mobility Aids

We carry crutches, walkers, wheelchairs, and other mobility products to help you get around a little easier.  Our staff can help you decide what works best and make sure it fits your needs.  Many times these aids are covered by your Medicare insurance.

Seven Day Pill Setup

We can provide seven day pill setup in trays free of charge for elderly or special case patients.  Simply bring your empty pill tray back at the end of the week and we will swap it with a tray that has been set up with your medications for the new week.  This helps insure accuracy and peace of mind thet patients are getting their proper medications and dosages when they are at home.

These are just a few of the benefits we can offer. So next time, instead of waiting to pick up your scripts at the other place, come on in and give us a try. We will have you on your way quicker and you will know that you received the best possible care you can.