New Prescriptions

New prescriptions unfortunately cannot be filled very easily without bringing the doctor's prescription into the pharmacy.  If you would like to expedite your prescription as quickly as possible you may fax your prescription to us at 618-234-9811.  However, in order to complete this new prescription we will require that you bring in the actual script when you come to pick up your medicine (unless your prescription was faxed by your doctor's office).

Refill Prescriptions

Several options are available for refilling your prescription.  Whether you call in with your refills, use the online form, or fax your refills to us, this will allow us to prepare your prescriptions before you arrive.

Have you walked into the pharmacy only to hear that you are out of refills?  Unfortunately it is a law that we can not refill a prescription beyond the doctor's original prescription, or a period of one year, whichever comes first.  (Certain class drugs have a valid refill period of less then one year.)  So whether you walk in, order your refills online, or try any of our other refill options you can save yourself extra time by understanding your prescription label.  Everything you need to know about when and how many times your prescription can be refilled is on the label.  Using the following interactive tool you can better understand your prescription label and help minimize the time you will spend getting your prescription refilled.  You might even save yourself a little gas if you do not have to make a extra trip just to find out that you need the doctor's approval.